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Novell helped invent the corporate network in the early 1980s and continues to drive technology for the Net today. Network software began with the sharing of files and printers within local area networks (LANs) and evolved into the management of wide area networks that enabled enterprise-class computing and, ultimately, the Internet. Today, Novell's vision is one Net - a world without information boundaries. Novell helps customers realize the value of their information and deliver it securely and economically to any stakeholder, anytime, anywhere, through any device and across any platform. Novell is a leader in the move toward open-platform computing, now offering Linux solutions from the server to the desktop.

Novell Data Systems began life in 1979 as a computer manufacturer and maker of disk operating systems. In January 1983, Jack Messman and Safeguard Scientifics, a venture capital firm, reincorporated NDSI as Novell, Inc., to design and market software and hardware used for data networks. In May 1983, Raymond J. Noorda, an experienced engineer and marketer, became president and CEO of the new company.

Under Noorda, Novell helped found the corporate network market with the introduction of the LAN. In 1983, Novell introduced NetWare, the first LAN software based on file-server technology. Novell developed a PC networking system that designated one machine to manage the network and control access to shared devices, such as disk drives and printers. Through the 1980s, corporate requirements for networks grew significantly, with LANs being increasingly replaced by wide area networks, which unified large corporate environments. By the early 1990s, Novell's NetWare operating system, updated to add key features for distributed enterprises, led this market with a nearly 70 percent share.

In 1996, recognizing that the Internet was beginning to revolutionize the traditional network market, interim CEO John Young initiated a program to make the company's products Internet ready. read more >>>

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