Omni Certified Reseller

Omni Technology Solutions Inc. (Omni) was founded to help customers increase their return on Novell eDirectory, GroupWise and NetMail investments.

Omni offers our clients and Novell partners the best selection of proven enhancements built on our reputation as a client-focused company. We are committed to ensuring that the solutions and products you implement are the right choice for your business and technology needs. Whether you are looking for minor pain relief or major solutions, we help you leverage your existing Novell technology investment.

Throwing more money at unproven technology solutions is rarely the best choice. Our Novell eDirectory, GroupWise and NetMail enhancement solutions are reliable, flexible, scalable, and customised to the way you do business. Our number one priority is to DELIVER solutions that meet your eDirectory, GroupWise and NetMail needs--not make your needs fit our services. And if your needs can't be met with one of our existing solutions, we have the cross-certified developers to build you a new solution. Our client recommendations are never based on a single option - just the best option - for the client.

That's a promise.

Delivering Novell solutions since 1993, in partnership with Network Learning Masters, (the largest independent network training centre in Western Canada), Submersion Corporation and others.

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