Installation Services

After a network design is agreed on and the hardware and software is obtained, Spectrum Technologies will set up the hardware install the software and configure access to the network resources. These services are not limited to but may include the following activities.

  • Unpack and configure PCs
  • Unpack and configure servers
  • Install Operating System
  • Install Office automation software
  • Cable facilities
  • Connect PCs to Local Area Network (LAN)
  • Set up user access to LAN
  • Install and configure backup systems (Disaster Recovery)
  • Configure Internet Connectivity
  • Install and configure E-Mail

Depending on the size of your organization, this might consist of a single PC, a pier to pier network or one or more central servers.

A pier to pier network is where two or more computers are connected together to allow data and resources to be shared without the expense of a central server or network operating system.

A central server network is where a specialized computer, usually higher performance equipment, has a network operating system installed and all other PCs connets to this central computer to access data and resources. There are numerous operating systems but the most common today are Windows Server, Novell Netware, and Linux.

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